Main activities: Exploration and production of uranium

  • Exploration works;
  • production, storage, transportation and processing of uranium-bearing ores;
  • production of the products from uranium concentrates;
  • Design and construction of capacities for extraction and processing of uranium-bearing ores, exploitation of these capacities at the Kharasan-1 mine;
  • sale of the products produced by the Partnership;
  • investment activities;
  • innovation activities;
  • commercial and intermediary activities;
  • foreign economic activities;
  • development of a business plan for the development of the deposit and the project for detailed development;
  • carry out exploration works and full-scale field experience in order to prepare materials for the defense of uranium reserves in the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) and the study of economic and technological parameters when production of uranium by the method of in-situ leaching.