International scientific educational center for nuclear industry started its work

Today in Almaty, the opening of the first and unique for Kazakhstan educational center was held. The Center will train high-qualified specialists for nuclear industry both for Kazakhstan and foreign countries. 

The International Scientific and Educational Center for nuclear industry was established as a result of the general agreement on cooperation between NAC  Kazatomprom  JSC  and KazNITU named after K.I. Satpayev.

The Center will prepare masters in the following specialties: "Geological survey, search and exploration of mineral deposits", "Chemical technology of inorganic substances", "Automation and management". In addition, research and development work will be conduct in the Center, as well as scientific and educational, methodological aids, multimedia training materials for NAC Kazatomprom JSC will be produced. A unique knowledge base and scientific-methodological center of the uranium industry will be created.

During the opening ceremony Baurzhan Ibrayev, Chief Officer for production of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, mentioned that educational program will meet the needs of Kazatomprom.

 “Students will get basic education in the Center and will visit the fields where our specialists will train them in practice. By the end of the year students from Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Mongolia will be studying at the Center. Now in the industry high-class specialists with contemporary experience and skills are in demand. From next year, Kazakhstan will join the pool of countries producing nuclear fuel. Therefore, the specialties that we are talking about today are the first swallows, we will develop this initiative and train high-level specialists," – emphasized Baurzhan Ibraev.

“Today Kazatomprom is laying significant foundation for success in a future. The training program at the Center has all the necessary competencies for the preparation of undergraduates. Veterans of Kazatomprom, who have a large production experience will train young professionals. I wish the students and teaching staff of the Center great successes," – congratulated Iskander Beisembetov, the rector of the KazNRTU named after Kanysh Satpaev.

Training in the Center will be held in Russian and English. Teachers are from among the staff of the KazNRTU faculties, members of the Council of Honorary Professors of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, "Aksakaldarkesy", as well as foreign specialists.