Umirbekov Adai Yessirkepovich

General Director

Functional responsibilities:

Coordinates and supervises activities in the field of scientific, innovation and technical policy of the Partnership. Organizes planning, control and improvement of: production activities, nuclear materials control and accounting, nuclear and radiation safety, labor and environmental protection, technical regulation, measurements and standards of the Partnership.

Citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

General Director - Umirbekov Adai Yessirkepovich

Was born in 07.03.1970


1) Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V. Lenin, Almaty 1988-1993, Machinery and equipment of oil and gas fields mechanical Engineer ShV No. 314949

2) University "Kainar" 1996-2000. Jurisprudence Lawyer ZhB №0133826

3) Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpaev 2007-2010 050707 "Mining" Engineer ZhB-B №0106827

4) National research Technology University “Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys” 2017-2018 MBA - Management of mining production